Big day for MURFI

The second day of MURFI flew by so fast it was a blur! The Rover successfully turned 180 degrees and drove closer to the exciting mesas and buttes to the south. All the high resolution imagery  was received successfully and the MURFI team at Harwell spent the morning chewing over the images with great excitement.

Of particular significance was the identification of cross-stratified sandstones at the top of the large mesa. Such sandstones tell us the rock is sedimentary, and was laid down in a relatively-high energy environment; not the low-energy, potentially habitable environments the team are ultimately looking for!

A patch of particularly high albedo material directly to the south also provided much intrigue. Are they modern salts? Even bedrock? Could they tell us more about the covered rock immediately beneath us? The rover will now move closer to this perplexing patch to see if a closer view will help reveal its secrets.

For Sol_002 the team have asked for multi-spectral imagery and reflectance spectrometry data -the rover and the team in Utah have their work cut out for them tomorrow!


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