Day 4 – freshly rested people and rover

After all having a day off to marvel at fireworks and bonfires it was back to work bright and early, although daylight savings meant the team in Utah got an extra hour in bed.  We’d asked for a lot of high resolution imagery on Sol 2 and today we got to see exactly how successful that all was, thankfully the majority of it was what we thought we were going to get and enabled us to get a full plan for today.  Today’s planning had the added bonus of a bigger than usual data limit but with the constraint of no driving, after the mammoth drive we did on Sol 2 (mammoth by rover standards) the rover needs some rest.

Being a Sunday we were expecting a skeleton crew, and a woman heavy one at that, and despite the early Sunday start we were all still smiling by the end of the day.


Tomorrow should be more driving and picking some potential drilling targets and finally getting to the primary goal of the mission, the identification of ancient life signs with our rover instruments.

Jen Harris


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