Location, Location, Location

It’s Sol 006, and we are nearing the final few days of our field trial! This also means that here at Harwell we are starting to make some big ‘no going back’ decisions about where to send the rover, and where we might eventually drill on the big day. So today we dedicated a lot of time to considering all possible nearby targets, whether they be potential outcrops of bedrock or accessible surface material with hints of exciting things beneath.

We also had a tonne of data to process and analysis, thanks to our very hard-working rover team out in the field. As the sun set over the horizon in the final PanCam image, it was exciting to see our potential drilling targets within reach.

Tomorrow we will get a better sense of our new surroundings once the next batch of data floods in, and it will be fun to see how our options are shaping up!

Too many targets, too little time. Assessing the rover’s surrounding options for drilling. Credit: MURFI team

Claire Cousins (mission scientist)


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